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We're Expanding to Bristol and the South West

We're expanding our services to Bristol and the South West to provide therapeutic care for children and young people in foster care.

March 19 2021 - 3 min read

ISP Fostering Bristol and South West

We're expanding our services to Bristol and the South West to provide therapeutic care for children and young people in foster care.

As an independent fostering agency with over 30 years of experience across the UK, we're thrilled to begin the year expanding our therapeutic fostering services into Bristol and the South West of England.

As a specialist in therapeutic foster care for vulnerable young people in care, we're looking to grow a local team of compassionate and dedicated foster parents to help them build better futures for the children they care for.

Currently in the UK, the number of children and young people seeking foster parents has grown by 44% since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. With council reports showing there are over 1,203 children in need in Bristol alone, we hope that this expansion will help decrease this number and ultimately find the right homes and families for these young children.

In response to the growing number of children in care and the increase of fostering enquiries across the agency, we will continue to host our weekly online information evenings allowing individuals to learn all about fostering with the aim of encouraging those individuals and families to consider becoming foster parents.

The new service, which plans to open a local centre next year, will be under the Sussex registration, managed by Emma Hannett and supported by Susie Pickett from the Hampshire and Dorset centre. Emma Hannett, ISP Registered Manager said:

“I am so thrilled that we are expanding our services into the Bristol and South West area. Our main aim has always been and always will be to help transform as many lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children in care.

“Here at ISP, we care for children and young people who haven’t been given the best starts in life; many have suffered some kind of trauma. Our foster parents are provided with specialist training that enables them to provide a therapeutic environment where children and young people can heal from these negative past experiences.

“Since the beginning, we’ve always placed our foster parents and the children they care for at the centre of our organisation and surround them with a blanket of professional support, so foster parents have everything they need to rebuild lives and transform futures. These wrap-around services include access to our in-house and qualified therapists, educational experts and fostering advisors, as well as ongoing professional training and an opportunity to gain professional qualifications too.”

As the UK's first therapeutic fostering agency, we have helped to rebuild the lives of thousands of children and young people across the country and hope to achieve incredible outcomes for children within this area too.

If you’d like to learn more about how to become a foster carer and the therapeutic services we provide to children, enquire online today or speak to our team on 0800 0857989.

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