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Fostering siblings in the UK

There's a national shortage of foster parents who can care for siblings. Could you help us to keep more siblings together in foster care?

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fostering siblings uk

Importance of keeping siblings together in care

We receive many referrals from local authorities looking to find suitable foster homes for groups of siblings. Sometimes, they may need to live in separate homes. However, wherever possible, local authorities will always try to place siblings together.

Siblings who are separated in foster care can experience feelings of grief and anxiety. Often, they’re concerned about the wellbeing and whereabouts of their brothers and sisters, which can prevent them from settling into their new foster home.

Depending on location and circumstances, it can also sometimes be difficult for the child to have contact with their siblings, which can affect their bond and shape their relationship into adulthood.

There are many benefits of placing siblings together in care, including:

  • They often settle into their new surroundings much better
  • They feel more secure being together and less worried about their siblings
  • They comfort and support each other during a highly emotional and difficult time
  • It provides a better sense of identity and belonging
fostering siblings UK

Who can foster siblings?

Foster parents who can provide a stable, loving home to siblings can often be difficult to find, especially for larger sibling groups. Alongside the minimum requirements to foster, you’ll need to:

  • Have a spare room for each child – unless they’re able to share
  • Have the time to dedicate to caring for more than one child
  • Have the energy to meet the needs of each individual child

As part of our initial training and assessment to become a foster parent, we’ll look at your suitability to foster siblings.

keeping siblings together in care

Allowances for siblings

When you join ISP, you’ll receive a weekly fostering allowance when a young person is placed with you – from £524 - £664 per child, per week, depending on your experience and area. For example, as a new foster parent caring for 2 siblings, you could receive up to £69,094 per year.

This fee comprises of two elements:

  • A child allowance to cover all expenditure in relation to the child in your care
  • A foster parent fee to reward you for undertaking the fostering task

You’ll also receive a holiday and summer activity allowance to encourage enriching life experiences for young people in foster care.

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