Childhood Trauma

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Our in-house experts share their insights on childhood trauma, its long-term impact, and how you can better support the young people in your care.

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foster children with childhood trauma

What is trauma?

This guide helps you understand what we mean by 'trauma' and how it may affect a child in your care.

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Impact of early childhood trauma and abuse

The impact of trauma

Discover the impact of early childhood trauma, and what it means for young people in foster care.

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trauma in childhood

Trauma and the brain

Learn about the profound impact that childhood trauma can have on brain development.

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healing from childhood trauma

Healing from trauma

Explore the strategies and therapeutic perspectives you need to help children recover from trauma.

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pace therapeutic parenting in foster care

PACE parenting

Learn how to use the PACE approach in daily interactions to build a connection and diffuse difficult situations.

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what is therapeutic foster care

What is therapeutic fostering?

Discover more about therapeutic fostering and how it helps children in care to heal from complex trauma.

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