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4 reasons why you should switch fostering agency

Being a foster parent is a rewarding but demanding role, so it’s important you’re with a fostering agency that values and supports you. Here are 4 reasons to start considering a transfer.

February 28 2023 - 3 min read

When you become a foster parent, you want to feel assured that your fostering agency is going to be there for you when you need them. From professional support through to your fostering allowance, and everything in-between, it’s important you feel confident in your current foster service. Unfortunately, you might not have the same level of confidence in your current agency as you once did. If you’ve spotted any of the following signs, you might want to consider transferring to another foster care agency.

4 signs it’s time to transfer foster agency

1. You’re not getting enough professional support

Sadly, this is a common reason why foster parents decide to move on to another fostering agency. Looking after a child with a history of trauma doesn’t come without challenges, so it’s important that you’re given practical and emotional support to help both you and the young person in your care. You should never be expected to raise a child alone, especially when they have complex needs, difficulty regulating their emotions or are struggling to overcome their past abuse or neglect.

That’s why at ISP we go above and beyond to provide the best support possible. We’ve developed a ‘wrap-around’ package, which includes access to specialist therapy services, a 24/7 helpline for emergencies, regular supervision with a dedicated social worker, and much more. For us, a well-supported foster parent gives vulnerable children a better chance of a positive future.

Transferring Fostering Agency

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We can fast-track your assessment in 12 weeks, so you can enjoy the benefits of our supportive community much sooner than you might think. Download our transfer fostering agency guide to learn more about the process and benefits of working with ISP.


2. You don’t feel they always have the child’s best interests at heart

If a fostering service is stretched for resource, this can unfortunately have an impact on the children in their care. We know that as a professional foster parent, the child’s health, wellbeing and future is your main priority, and it’s ours too. For a child with a history of trauma to overcome their past and make changes towards a better future, they need a solid infrastructure around them that’s dedicated to making that all happen.

At ISP, each young person is at the heart of an integrated support system, involving a carefully tailored treatment plan and a dedicated team of experts who all work together to improve the child’s psychological, emotional and behavioural development. This specialist approach to foster care is called therapeutic fostering, which we pioneered back in 1987. With qualified in-house therapists and a network of amazing professionals, every child gets the enhanced support they desperately need.

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3. You want access to expert training and career progression

From when you first welcome a child into your home through to being a seasoned foster parent, the learning doesn’t really stop. Every child is different and has a set of unique challenges you might be faced with. You may need to care for a child who has attachment difficulties, an eating disorder or a learning disability. That’s why having high quality training is incredibly important for your fostering career. If you’re not getting access to this, you might want to consider switching foster care agency.

At ISP, we ensure you're equipped with the tools and knowledge to care for children with different needs, and provide many opportunities to develop your skills.

Aside from mandatory training that you do at the start and throughout your career, we offer specialist training courses such as autism awareness, foetal alcohol syndrome and our expanded Therapeutic Pathway programme, which educates foster parents on the principles and strategies of therapeutic fostering.

That’s not all though. There’s also the chance to gain professional qualifications, such as NVQ3 or a QCF Level 3 in Health and Social Care. Giving foster parents the chance to better themselves and progress in their career is a crucial part in our goal to achieve positive outcomes for all the children in our care.

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4. You don't feel you’re being rewarded fairly for your hard work

As you’ll know, fostering is no walk in the park. There might be a few storms to weather when a child first comes to live with you, or there might be ongoing challenges with school or sibling relationships. Even when the dust has settled and you’ve got a strong bond with the child in your care, it’s still a demanding role. That’s why being financially rewarded and recognised for your hard work is an important part of feeling valued by your fostering agency. We offer an extremely generous fostering allowance to ensure the children have everything they need and to also give back to our amazing foster parents who dedicate their lives to vulnerable youth. We will always match your current allowance at the very least, but we’re often able to beat it, especially for an experienced foster parent like yourself.

Why not book a call with one of our experienced fostering advisors to find out how much you could receive if you transfer to ISP?

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