At ISP, we also use our expertise in the world of education to help support young people in mainstream schools who need extra help to stay on track and achieve their potential.

Our experienced teams consist of educational psychologists, educational therapists and senior education managers who work locally from our ISP centres, which were assessed as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. Young people are also able to benefit from specialist ISP teachers or teaching assistants who work with them in or out of school. ISP centres often run homework clubs and revision classes for young people, as well as drop-in sessions on educational issues for carers. The education staff attached to each centre work to ensure that:
  • ISP is continually building relationships with, and providing support to, teachers and other professionals throughout the school
  • Every young person is attending a school, and where necessary has someone to act as an advocate for them
  • Special needs or gaps in education provision are identified, and educational attainments and progress monitored
  • Schools are aware of the needs of each young person and all relevant professionals are kept informed of progress and problems.
  • There is effective mobilisation of multi-disciplinary resources to achieve the best educational outcomes for each young person.