Providing a truly holistic approach

At ISP school we believe that vulnerable children can learn to thrive and reach their potential through applying a holistic approach to their education.
Our team of professionals have decades of dedicated experience in helping children with social and emotional problems develop confidence and personal skills through therapeutic activities.
Take a look below at some of the bespoke therapeutic services we offer our students:

To ensure each ISP student receives the right kind of care and education suited to them, a comprehensive initial assessment of their individual needs is undertaken upon entry. During their first few weeks at our school, detailed assessments are undertaken by the Class Teacher, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, ISP Educational Psychologist and a Speech & Language Therapist. The results of these assessments are used to create a bespoke learning plan and identify the provision required to ensure the child get’s the best possible outcomes.

ISP have an in-house SEN Team who liaise directly with Local Education Authorities regarding all statutory SEN related matters concerning young people either under active consideration for placement or already in placement. All the pupils who attend ISP School will (by definition) have identifiable special educational needs – but not necessarily a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health Care Plan; therefore, every pupil within ISP Schools has a bespoke Provision Map detailing an individualised programme based on their needs. Students’ provision maps are developed on the approach of building on existing strengths to maximise educational, social and personal achievement. is reviewed regularly and a formal review of all the targets set is undertaken at the end of each term. Individual progress is reviewed regularly with a formal review of all initial targets set being undertaken at the end of each term.

Educational Psychology is an integral part of the assessment, monitoring and review process at ISP. Psychological advice on each student’s strengths and weaknesses informs their individual assessment and learning plan. Outcomes of psychological reviews may also contribute to assessment for a Statement of Special Educational Needs by the Local Education Authority. The SEN Team and Educational Psychologist provide In-Service Training for all Teachers and Teaching Assistants on specific aspects of learning within the curriculum. The Educational Psychologist’s contribution is particularly vital in preparation for and throughout the process of re-integration into mainstream education. This is achieved by working closely with the school and the Local Educational Authority Psychology Service.

Recent research has shown that many children with emotional and behavioural difficulties also have communication problems which often go undetected. At ISP school we have an in-house Speech and Language Therapy Department whose aim is to identify students’ communication problems and provide training for all staff to ensure each child achieves their potential. ISP Speech and Language Therapists identify each students’ communication barriers and devise bespoke work programmes for them which is delivered as an integrated component of the English / Literacy Curriculum. As many young people at ISP have difficulty with the social use of language, the Speech and Language Therapists work alongside education staff to run social communication groups for each class at ISP schools to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.