We work in close partnership with local authorities to provide fostering, therapy, education and social work services for young people. All of our fostering services are rated as outstanding or excellent by Ofsted, and the school we run in Kent is rated as good with outstanding features.

We’re committed to continually developing our services, and the sector in which we work, through the launch of innovative initiatives and ground-breaking research. Our close links with both the BAAF and the Fostering Network are a vital part of this.


What Ofsted says about us “The agency continues to robustly review its own practice and seeks to improve wherever possible. This results in excellent outcomes for children, young people and their foster carers.” What local authorities say about us “ISP has an excellent referral manager and a high standard of service delivery which enables the local authority to feel confident regarding the matching of children’s needs to the strengths of foster carers.” Surrey Placements Commissioning Team “Your agency really does not give up on young people.” Melba Grieves, Senior Social Worker “ISP provides the highest standards of foster care and that they have significantly improved the outcomes for some of our most vulnerable young people.” John McShane, Placement Officer, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea